SCYP Testimonials

City of Redmond (2015-16)

“The SCYP program has been an excellent collaboration between the City of Redmond and the University of Oregon professors and students. The quality of work contributed and the enthusiasm shown has led to some outstanding results. As an example, the first project - a look at bike/pedestrian improvements in Redmond - led to an acceptance of 16 of 18 suggestions to be included in the upcoming Transportation Systems Plan. As the first city east of the Cascades to be teamed with, the logistics have been accommodated very well. The UO teams come here and we go there, which has worked out for both groups. The money invested by Redmond is what I consider funds well spent, and I would do it again.”

-George Endicott, Redmond Mayor

“So far I have been pleased by the energy of these young people and the effect their work has had on our staff who seem energized by them. I see long discussed concepts becoming written plans. I see plans becoming architectural drawings…of things that will guide future work. I have seen their output directly result in decisions to implement projects that had lacked that final push. I am very eager to see the second semester’s output particularly in areas of programs around the economic development of our downtown. I have personally attended many of the classes at U of O at various stages and all the final presentations, and I have found the quality of the output to be near professional and far above my expectation for the most part. My time working with them has been enjoyable and has shattered my stereotype of young college students…. perhaps projecting my own university experiences was not wise.”

-Anne Graham, City Councilor

City of Medford (2013-14)

“I learned some things and they learned some things, so everyone won. I hope we get to do something similar in the future.”

-Larry Masterman, Emergency Preparedness Manager 

City of Salem (2010-11)

“It has really been successful — beyond my wildest dreams. I know we will be using this work for years and years to come; we are going to make as many of these projects reality as we can. ”

-Linda Norris, Salem City Manager

City of Gresham (2009-10)

“Mission accomplished. I was just impressed how they came back with so much. ‘You just saw so many possibilities, your brain was spinning. From a citizen engagement point of view, it’s the best thing I’ve seen in the three years I’ve been on the City Council.”

-Richard Strathern, Gresham redevelopment commissioner, city councilor and liaison to the redevelopment commission’s advisory board