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LA PINE — After more than two years of planning, La Pine welcomed dozens of University of Oregon students for a pilot program that will allow them to use Oregon’s youngest city as a temporary classroom. Full story

Join us this March as experts from the public, private, and academic sectors come together to discuss the impacts of autonomous vehicles, e-commerce, and the sharing economy on our cities. Engage with planners, architects, developers, and others to explore how these technologies will affect equity, the environment, the economy, and governance.

In 2018, La Pine will play host to a pilot program from the University of Oregon, designed to help the state’s youngest city grow its urban infrastructure. Beginning in January, La Pine will be a part of the university’s Sustainable City Year Program, which will bring dozens of graduate and undergraduate students to La Pine to work on projects... Read the full article here.

Join us to celebrate the launch of the Small City Pilot partnership between the City of La Pine and the University of Oregon Sustainable City Year Program. Get to know each other, learn about the projects we'll work on together, and celebrate the start of a great collaboration!

The 2017-2018 year is off to a great start for SCYP, Urbanism Next, and EPIC-N. Read up on all the conferences, student work, and more in SCI's Fall 2017 Newsletter.