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Nearly ten years ago, SCI Co-Directors Marc Schlossberg and Nico Larco had a groundbreaking idea: what if a city could harness the creativity of university students at a larger than normal scale and apply the fresh thinking, creativity, idealism, and passion to helping local communities accelerate their capacity to meet pressing societal issues, and figure out an effective means to put knowledge into action.  

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EUGENE, Ore. -- (June 1, 2017) –We are living in a time when those who understand evidence and truth, value transparency and decency, and are committed to working for the common good need to rise up like never before. While withdrawing from the Paris climate change agreement is an act of ignorance and cowardice, SCI remains committed and convinced that the actions necessary to address climate change will be done by and in cities. We strongly believe we should have leaders who accept the reality of climate change and work to combat it.

On Friday, April 7, 2017 SCI Co-Director Nico Larco spoke on OPB's Think Out Loud. He spoke about Urbanism Next, SCI's latest research initiative. You can hear the entire interview below.

SCI is excited to welcome our 2017 Expert in Residence with two free, public lectures in both Portland and Eugene. The lecture, being held on April 25 (Portland) and April 26 (Eugene), will address the future of cities and the self driving car. See below for more details!