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SCI was featured in an Alaska Airlines magazine article!  Next time you are 30,000 feet in the air, take a minute to learn about how SCI and other Pacific Northwest programs are helping students learn through hands-on application of theories and research.

If you aren’t perusing this website midflight, read the web version of the article.

The Faculty Sustainability Leadership Award is presented to a faculty member (or team or collaboration of faculty) from an Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) member institution who has demonstrated international, national, or regional leadership in establishing, promoting, or in other ways furthering the goals of education for sustainability. The award is based on the contributions that have been made by the individual(s) to increasing the breadth and depth of sustainability education and her/his/their impact on individuals and the field in general.

SCI honored as a finalist for the 2012 FT/CITI Ingenuity Award: Urban Ideas in Action from Financial Times and Citibank

The FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards recognized ingenious individuals or organisations that have developed solutions to urban challenges. The FT/Citi Ingenuity Awards: Urban Ideas in Action programme recognizes individuals or organisations that have found solutions to urban challenges in four areas – energy, infrastructure, education and healthcare.  SCI was honored as a finalist at a banquet award ceremony in New York City in December 2012.

This comprehensive video of the Sustainable City Year Program in Salem offers an insightful look at how our program operates.

On Friday, May 18, UO students, faculty, Springfield government officials and community partners gathered at Springfield’s Royal Caribbean International Call Center to celebrate the conclusion of the 2012 Sustainable City Year Program – a highly successful collaboration between the University of Oregon and Springfield.