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By Nicole Ginley-Hidinger

As the middle of the term approached and the work for final projects had begun, three Planning, Public Policy and Management classes made the first Sustainable Cities Year Program class visit to Medford on Friday, October 18.

By Nicole Ginley - Hidinger

If it were possible, Visiting Scholar, Elena Lacilla’s suitcases would be packed full of doughnuts. During her visit, which was more than three months, to the University of Oregon from Spain, they have become her favorite American food. 

Lacilla received a grant to study the Sustainable Cities Initiative, SCYP and the relationship between the university and the city, and to do her own research on waterfront development in Vancouver, Canada and Portland, Oregon.  

By Nicole Ginley-Hidinger

Sustainable Cities Initiative Research Associate, Rob Zako, describes himself as an avid bicyclist. It’s a bit of an understatement. During graduate school he was the president of a local bike club and he met his wife on a bike trip along California’s Big Sur. After moving to Eugene 19 years ago, his passion led him to his involvement in Lane County politics when the hot topic was TransPlan, the regional transportation plan for all modes of transportation (including biking) around Eugene and Springfield.

SCI’s Sustainable City Year Program has been recognized as a leader in higher education sustainability initiatives, and program Co-Directors and Associate Professors Marc Schlossberg and Nico Larco have been busy sharing the details of the program at recent conferences across the country.

Story by Kit Aldridge

What city wouldn't be pleased with around $1 million in extra earnings for the year? Thanks to a team of Oregon MBA students, the city of Salem, Oregon, enjoyed just such a financial bump.

It all started back in 2010, when students in associate professor of management Jennifer Howard-Grenville's Industrial Ecology course spent a term working with Salem as part of the University of Oregon's internationally regarded Sustainable Cities Initiative (SCI).