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By Nicole Ginley-Hidinger 

A lot of student work goes to waste. After brilliant plans, layouts, and other assignments are turned in for a final grade, the reports, essays, and drawings are crammed into the back of a closet and forgotten about. SCYP changes that by creating a partnership between the University and a nearby city. Students get the chance to pitch ideas on real-world projects while cities get a wide array of proposals that they can incorporate into the development and growth of sites and programs. 

By Bree Nicolello

Dr. Chris Bone, whose name perhaps suggests that of a surgeon or professor of Archeology, is working on exciting new research in a growing field. Thanks to a generous interdisciplinary research grant from the Office of Research, Innovation and Graduate Education at the University of Oregon, he and his colleagues from colleges all over the world are examining how forest policies and climate change are driving native insect outbreaks in western North America.

Students and faculty at the University of Oregon had the unique opportunity to learn about China’s large-scale urban planning process on Friday, Nov. 22 through a lunchtime presentation by Xiaoqi Wang, the Director of the Department of Planning and Design at the Chengdu Institute of Planning and Design.

Wang has been studying at the UO since April as part of SCI China’s visiting scholar program, which enables scholars and planners from China to come to Oregon to conduct research on sustainable urban development.

By Nicole Ginley-Hidinger

As the middle of the term approached and the work for final projects had begun, three Planning, Public Policy and Management classes made the first Sustainable Cities Year Program class visit to Medford on Friday, October 18.

By Nicole Ginley - Hidinger

If it were possible, Visiting Scholar, Elena Lacilla’s suitcases would be packed full of doughnuts. During her visit, which was more than three months, to the University of Oregon from Spain, they have become her favorite American food. 

Lacilla received a grant to study the Sustainable Cities Initiative, SCYP and the relationship between the university and the city, and to do her own research on waterfront development in Vancouver, Canada and Portland, Oregon.