EPIC-N Conference

EPIC-N annually holds a three-day conference and workshop each Spring for university representatives, city officials, and organizational partners who are interested in adopting, adapting, or enhancing the EPIC Framework for their home institutions and community contexts. The 6th Annual Conference will take place in the Spring of 2017, hosted by Texas A&M's Texas Target Communities program. Learn more about the conference. 

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About the conference


New Programs

The materials provided and event organization are designed explicitly to help launch new partnerships on the spot. While not all new programs launch during this three-day gathering, several do and several others are significantly prepared to return back to their campuses with the knowledge of their specific next steps (in many cases, one year of follow-up technical assistance finalizes the transformation from idea to practice). First time attendees not only get a wealth of information and tangible guidance, they also get the benefit of mentorship and experience from the many EPICN programs that have similarly gone from inspired idea to program development and implementation.  The conference is action-oriented and works best when multiple university representatives attend and ideally accompanied by one or two representatives of a future community partner. 

Existing Programs

The conference is designed to provide helpful peer-to-peer learning.  EPIC-N members are extremely committed to the transformation of higher education and the linkages the EPIC model has facilitated between university and community when other models have not. Thus, many return each year to share their own adaptations of the basic framework, share success and lessons learned, and genuinely engage to figure out the absolute best practices for their own institutional and community context, and how to take those lessons and translate them to other institutions that want to implement the EPIC model.