About the City of Redmond

Redmond, located in Deschutes County on the eastern side of Oregon’s Cascade Range, has a population of 27,427 and is one of Oregon’s fastest growing cities. The City’s administration consists of an elected mayor and city council who appoint a City Manager. A number of Citizen Advisory Groups advise the City Manager, mayor, and city council.

From its inception, Redmond has had its eyes set firmly on the future. Redmond was initially founded in 1905 in anticipation of a canal irrigation project and proposed railway line. Redmond is on the western side of the High Desert Plateau and on the eastern edge of the Cascade mountain range. Redmond lies in the geographic heart of Oregon. Redmond focuses on its natural beauty, reveling in the outdoor recreational opportunities (camping, hiking, skiing) offered by the Cascade mountain range, four seasons climate, and 300+ days of sunshine annually.

Redmond has been focused on innovative, sustainable growth and revitalization while preserving the city’s unique history and culture. In 1995, the City of Redmond began to make critical investments in revitalizing its downtown core. The initial phase of renovations strove to balance growth, livability and historic preservation by rerouting Oregon State Highway 97, improving critical infrastructure, and improving the facades of over 100 buildings in the historic center. The City of Redmond has worked with local businesses to revitalize retail, job creation and housing. To facilitate private sector buy-in, Redmond offers innovative incentive programs such as the Façade Rehabilitation and Reimbursement Grant and the “Downtown Jumpstart” loan competition, as well as Design Assistance.

Often referred to as “The Hub” of Central Oregon, Redmond is situated at the crossroads of US Highway 97 and US Highway 126. It is served by the Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railway, Cascades East Transit Regional Public Transportation Service, as well as a state of the art regional airport served by multiple commercial airlines and FedEx and UPS. In addition to its geographic location, Redmond is viewed as central to business growth in the region.

In 2014, Central Oregon Community College opened a 34,300 square foot Technology Education Center to recruit new businesses and expand existing businesses in Central Oregon. Above all, Redmond prides itself on being a family-friendly city which was the motivation for the work presented in this report.

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