2017 APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Conference

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Date: September 15-17, 2017
Location: University of Oregon, 70 NW Couch Street, Portland, OR 97209

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Management of the nexus between cities and their surrounding landscapes is central to most pressing sustainability issues, including the degree to which connections to regional landscapes provide health, vitality and a sense of place to urban residents. Numerous “sustainable” solutions have failed due to lack of understanding of the city-landscape system. Through cross-disciplinary collaboration, the Association of the Pacific Rim Universities’ Sustainable Cities and Landscape Hub will explore the synergies and tradeoffs among different approaches to enhancing landscape-level sustainability and resilience in the face of continued urban growth and global climate change.

SCI Co-Directors Marc Schlossberg and Nico Larco will discuss sustainable transportation and urban design at this year’s Association of Pacific Rim Universities conference. Schlossberg will lead the “Sustainable Transportation in an Era of Autonomous Vehicles” workshop, while Larco will lead the “Sustainable Urban Design” workshop.


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