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Sustainable City Year Program (SCYP) Model

What is SCYP?

The Sustainable City Year Program is a catalytic learning model that leverages existing courses to work on applied community projects identified by community stakeholders (i.e. city, county, school or transit district) over an entire academic year. The primary difference between SCYP and other engaged learning pedagogies is the scale, multi-disicplinarity, opt-in, and community engaged nature.  In the Oregon implementation, 500 students across 10+ disciplines and 30+ courses work with a single city each year.  The large scale approach provides a wide range of benefits for students, faculty, universities, and communities. 

Praise for SCI

SCYP has been described as "perhaps the most comprehensive effort by a U.S. university to infuse sustainability into its curricula and community outreach" (NY Times) and "one of higher education's most successful and comprehensive service-learning programs" (Chronicle of Higher Education). 

2015 SCYP Conference

conference 2015

Meet us in Minneapolis, MN for the next Sustainable City Year Conference! The Sustainable Cities Initiative will hold a three-day conference, April 12-14, 2015, for university representatives, city officials, and organizational partners who are interested in adopting and adapting the Sustainable City Year Program (SCYP) model to their home institutions and community contexts. 

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Programs Across the United States

Currently active programs:

University of Minnesota

University of Iowa

San Diego State

Penn State

Earlham College

University of Texas at Austin

Texas A&M

CUNY Hunter College

University of Tennessee

University of Maryland

Augustana College

University of Connecticut


Launching 2015-2016:

Utah State University

Arizona State

University of Colorado, Denver


Programs in progress

California State University, Chico

University of Maine and consortium

Iowa State

University of North Carolina, Greensboro

College of New Jersey

Technion Israel Institute of Technology

California State University, Monterey Bay