Sustainable City Year Program

Cities and communities are often in need of support and technical assistance in completing projects, but are often hard-pressed for time, staff, or budget. The SCYP program enables communities to tap into the talents and energy of University of Oregon students in order to accomplish critical projects. This working relationship between cities and the University puts student talent to work in order to help strengthen Oregon communities.

What is SCYP?

The Sustainable City Year Program (SCYP) matches the students of the University of Oregon with an Oregon city, county, special district, tribe, or partnership of governments for an entire academic year.  Each year, our partner receives assistance with their sustainability goals through 15-25 community-defined projects engaging 20-30 courses with 500+ students across 13+ academic departments dedicating 40,000+ hours of student work. This work has focused on projects related to sustainable architectural design, urban design, planning, cost-benefit analysis, economic development, legal and policy analysis, community engagement, and public relations campaigns among others.

These two videos help explain the scale and power of this large scale partnership program for our partners and our students:

2015-16 Partnership with RedmondHow & Why the Program Works 

Throughout each course, students conduct site visits and engage with appropriate community stakeholders, then publicly present their findings either in the community or on campus.  Following each course, all the ideas and research from the class are synthesized into a final report as a community deliverable ensuring that the insightful work remains accessible to the community long after the particular course ends.  Many of those reports can be seen here

Detailed Summary 

A more detailed summary of SCYP is linked here:

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Here is what our past participants are saying about their SCYP year:

Testimonials from past cities 

How to Become the next Sustainable City Year partner 

Are you involved in an Oregon city, county, special district, or partnership of governments? If interested in finding out more and having a conversation about how to explore whether a partnership is right for you, please contact SCYP Program Manager, Megan Banks by email or at 541-346-6395.  

Become the Next SCYP Partner


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