Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities Network

What is EPIC-N?

EPIC-N is the network of universities implementing the “EPIC Framework”, an innovative, large-scale, and award-winning university-community partnership program originally created in 2009 by SCI and the University of Oregon.  The video animation below gives a quick overview of how and why this model works so well and additional information is available from the links on the left, as well as through the EPIC-N website.  

Upcoming EPIC-N Workshops

The following upcoming workshops are excellent opportunities to learn how to adopt and adapt this framework for your college, university, or community.  In each case, our goal is to have you leave the workshop on a tangible path toward model implementation. The most successful approach is to have 1-3 university representatives join one representative from a possible pilot year partner. For additional strategic guidance, contact SCI Co-Director, Marc Schlossberg.


    Current EPIC-N Goals: 

    1. To actively increase the number of universities and communities implementing the EPIC Framework;
    2. To support and enhance existing EPIC programs through various forms of peer-to-peer learning and support services;
    3. To provide a conduit for new knowledge on selected social and environmental issues to universities and communities;
    4. To alter the national discourse about the role, structure and performance of the nation’s higher education institutions in meeting some of society’s most pressing social problems.

    The Sustainable Cities Initiative is a proud member of the Educational Partnerships for Innovation in Communities Network (EPIC-N).