Springfield: 2011-2012

The City of Springfield has been a leader in sustainable practices for more than 30 years, tackling local issues ranging from waste and stormwater management to urban and suburban redevelopment. The City of Springfield is the first and only jurisdiction in Oregon to create two separate Urban Renewal Districts by voter approval.

Constrained by dramatic hillsides and rivers to the north and south, Springfield has worked tirelessly to develop efficiently and respectfully within its natural boundary as well as the current urban growth boundary. City staff have been active partners and administrators of the Metro Wastewater Management Commission since its inception in the late 1970’s, working diligently to provide responsible and healthy wastewater best practices to both Springfield and Eugene.

Springfield is proud of its community relationships and the city's ability to work with property owners and developers on difficult developments, reaching agreements that are to the benefit of both the project and the affected property owners. It has always been the practice of City staff to examine the issues that may arise from development, not as barriers but, as characteristics that when resolved will contribute to the overall success of the project. These relationships with the citizens are what continue to allow the City to turn policy and planning into reality.

As the SCYP partner city in 2011-12, Springfield recruited a strong, diverse set of partners to supplement city staff participation. Partners included the Springfield Utility Board, Willamalane Park and Recreation District, Metro Wastewater Management Commission, United Way of Lane County, and Springfield School District 19.

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