SCI Condemns Trump's Decision to Withdraw from Paris Climate Accord

EUGENE, Ore. -- (June 1, 2017) –We are living in a time when those who understand evidence and truth, value transparency and decency, and are committed to working for the common good need to rise up like never before. While withdrawing from the Paris climate change agreement is an act of ignorance and cowardice, SCI remains committed and convinced that the actions necessary to address climate change will be done by and in cities. We strongly believe we should have leaders who accept the reality of climate change and work to combat it. We must redouble our efforts, given the lack of leadership at the federal level on these issues.

We are encouraged that the states of California, New York, and Washington have immediately created the United States Climate Alliance and pledged to follow the Paris Accords. We applaud these and other actual leaders around the world who work seriously and tirelessly for the common good.

Here at SCI, we will never stop helping cities accelerate their ability to address climate change and basic community livability. Through multidisciplinary research like our latest initiative, Urbanism Next, and pragmatic and targeted action, like our Sustainable City Year Program, SCI will continue doing our part to support science, logic, facts and truth to protect our planet.  We hope and expect that you will too.