Over the 2019-2020 school year, Lane Transit District and the Sustainable City Year Program forged an enduring partnership as they worked together to support and strengthen LTD’s place in a changing world of mobility.

Working with the University of Oregon’s Sustainable City Year Program provided for a deeper dive into the region’s challenges and opportunities, from diverse vantage points and areas of expertise, and in acknowledgement of the interconnectedness of the collective work within LTD and their partners.

The Sustainable City Year Program returns to the Portland region to partner with the City of Troutdale, a community of 16,000 located at the confluence of the Sandy and Columbia rivers. Now in its 12th year of partnerships with Oregon communities, this fall SCYP will connect Troutdale with five fully-remote courses for the first time ever. Planning for winter and spring classes is underway.

University of Oregon students’ ideas for future of LTD are starting to take shape during the 10th year of Sustainable City Year Program. The University of Oregon’s Sustainable City Year Program in the fall partnered with Lane Transit District and set students to work on a variety of projects meant to make local transportation more efficient and sustainable...Read more

Hundreds of University of Oregon students are going to have a say in the future of the transit system that many of them take, every day. It's a year-long planning project between the UO and Lane Transit District. LTD wants to tap the brainpower of scores of UO students this academic year, to map out its future. Read more.

Lane Transit District is this year’s partner in UO’s Sustainable Cities Institute Sustainable City Year Program. The agency responsible for moving people around Lane County will have access this year to the imagination and innovations of University of Oregon students in an effort to make a local future more efficient and more sustainable. Read more.